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You guys don’t get it, im crying over a fic and I just started reading WTF HELP



Petition for all the Marvel actors to agree that whenever Scarlett gets a blatantly sexist question one of the Chrises just takes it instead.

You have my signature.

A shippers tale with fanfics

*writes down ship name, hits enter*
*scrolls down until a fic thats hasn’t already been read pops up*
*reads description*

"Oh, this looks nice and funny"

*hits enter and starts reading*

"Omfg this is perfection*

*after 4hrs of reading*

”..wait. . What do you mean hospital. ..



*continues to read knowing it’s going to end horrible wrong*

*tears pouring everywhere*


*main character dies, half the ship has sailed to the underworld, while the other half is mourning and grieving*

*and you’re left contemplating impaling because it’s less painful*

*closes the bloody laptop after thoroughly cursing angst stories and the devil and vow to never stumble upon angst, EVER*

*leaves for a few hours*

"oh look. This looks good"

*sees main character death warning*

*closes laptop and throws self out window*


okay but imagine modern day au where remus is bored so he brings out the vacuum and sirius just jumps on the couch and yells at remus and refuses to come down until it’s turned off


I just like thinking about remus and sirius living together after school and remus buys all of these muggle kitchen appliances like a microwave and a toaster oven for their apartment and sirius is just like ……….alright so what now what do I do with this why is it shaped like this??? why do we…

Imagine Sirius and Remus finally telling James and Peter that they're together

James:  Oh, we know
Sirius:  What do you mean you know?
Peter:  Mate, how could we not know? you bicker like an old married couple.
James:  The map keep showing you together in broom cupboards
Peter:  You're probably holding hands under the table right now